Simply stated, Photojournalism is the process of telling a story by using one or multiple photographs.  One of the very first photojournalists, Mathew Brady documented the horrors of the American Civil War.  Thereafter, so many millions of events in American and world history have been documented by great photojournalists.  These photographs contribute to the dissemination of news  —  documenting the sorrow, the joy and the unusual in so many peoples’ lives.  Dan Murphy, the Photographer has had a “storied” career in coverage of thousands of events over course of his near 40-year career.  Much of Dan’s assignments have been small town events, feature stories, county fairs and festivals, pageants, sports events and so much more. 

(The above photo is of the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse that crossed over the continental United States.  This a view from about 30 miles north of Boise, Idaho.)

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