Actors’ Headshots

An old axiom in Hollywood is “that the eyes have it.”  Over the course of Hollywood history, competent and technically correct photographic head shots has sometimes meant the difference in getting the initial audition.  Agents, casting , directors and producer professionals rely on good head shots in their decision making process.  Actors cannot chance their careers to amateurs, and budding professionals with a camera.

After a bit part as a football referee in the Gridiron Gang, (2006), Dan Murphy the Photographer enrolled into man acting classes and learned the ins and outs of Hollywood.  For decades however, Dan has created many great head shots for actors of all shapes, sizes and ages.  It takes time and proper research of each client to establish the looks an actor wants to portray in their head shots.  With creativity, lighting expertise and know-how, all actors can call on Dan for a successful head shot.

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A young girl


Blue eyed girl






Little Girl

Old guy w-cigar


Young Lady